About The American Council on Science and Education (ACSE)

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The American Council on Science and Education is a professional organization dedicated to advancing and promoting research and education with the goal of promoting and facilitating improved conditions world-wide through science and education. The main constituent of this organization includes the global scientific research and education communities.



The mission of The American Council on Science and Education is to foster innovation in science and excellence in education for the benefit of humanity without borders.



Providing a platform for scientists and educators to share and exchange research results and experiences with the global community. Initially, this platform will be provided via Annual International Conferences in targeted areas (Health Sciences through IT, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Sciences, Computational Science and Computational Biology, Data Science, Imaging Science, Security, and Education).


        •  Offering/Organizing tutorials and panel discussions in targeted areas.
        • Compiling and/or developing online lectures in targeted fields.
        • Establishing strong relationships with major science and education publishers.
        • Providing free consulting and advise to those who seek higher education in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, and selected institutions in China.
        • Connecting graduates with corporations/industry for employment opportunities.
        • Providing a unique platform for a diverse community of constituents composed of scholars, researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners. The organization makes concerted effort to reach out to members affiliated with diverse entities from all over the world.
        • Making research results freely and efficiently available to all scientists and educators.